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Hanger 2 Kotoka International Aiport -Accra

P.O. Box 5484, Accra-North

Aviation Logistics Services


Managed aircraft services, aircraft handling, cargo loading and offloading, passenger check-in, security checks, manifesting, catering and ground assistance, refuelling, charter of passenger and cargo aircraft, executive/vip jet, material movement, transfer to final destination, customs clearance.


IGl uses an established network of intermediary service providers such as into-plane agents, fixed base operators and truck operators to provide customers with an alternative to retail fuel prices. IGl’s relationships with service providers, plus existing relationships with major oil companies enable the company to offer aviation fuel at discounted and contract rates providing significant cost savings to our customers.


  • Import and export customs clearance
  • 24-hour AOG service in Sub West African Region out of Ghana
  • Excellent support base, on demand in Sub West African Region out of Ghana