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Document Management

We provide Professional enterprise state of the art document management solutions. Tap into the valuable information contained in documents, precisely where and when you need it, you can streamline your business practices.ecms


We provide a state of the art document management system for professional enterprise content management .


We can automatically file document based on your criteria, regardless of the source or formats. This means that both paper and electronic documents such as correspondence, records, email, CAD, spool file and more can be stored, shared and managed, simply and securely, from a centralized document pool.


Our solution meets all requirements for integration into an existing IT environment, and supports the standards and procedures found in office and enterprise-wide systems.


Additional records management features ensure that access to documents is secure, controlled and logged at all times. With enhanced workflow functionalities, web access, and universal integration features, our system provides all the tools you need for efficient Enterprise Content Management.



  • Import document
  • Organized and secure storage
  • Records Management: Controlled storage and access
  • Find Documents
  • Edit documents
  • Workflow
  • Worldwide document management