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GIS Compilation and Integration

We are capable of capturing and compiling your datasets into a single integrated system. This system can either be pre existing or Glimpse geoScience can establish a GIS database for you. The integration of multiple datasets will provide a powerful tool for your geospatial information management.

Glimpse covers the full spectrum of services from data capture, compilation through to integration. Further to this Glimpse GeoScience can source exteral datasets for you from third party sources.


Data Capture

We will create fully attributed GIS products.
We will digitise or vectorise any paper map to a digital GIS product.

Digital Dataset Compilation

We will integrate various formats of data into a single system, for the input, storage, analysis, and output of spatial information. This system can be pre established or can be set up for you.
Shown below are examples of various compiled datasets:

  1. Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Exploration Permits, and Mineral Occurences
  2. Lithology and Existing Mines
  3. Lithology, Existing Mines, Exploration Permits, and Mineral Occurences draped over regional DTM
  4. Lithology, Mineral Occurences and Exploration Permits
  5. Lithology, Geological Structure, Mineral Occurences and Exploration Permits
  6. Lithology, Geological Structure, Mineral Occurences, Roads, Rivers, towns and the Identification of a Specific Exploration Permit




















Integrating Legacy Data Into Current Active Projects

Irrespective of the age of any maps, the maps after digitisation can be successfully integrated into current projects. We have succesfully integrated geological maps from government agencies into exploration programs.


Sourcing Datasets

We can source external datasets and satellite images from third parties including Landsat, ASTER, IKONOS, Quickbird and SRTM data.

ikonos-and-landsat-aster satellite-images