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Scanning and Georeferencing

We can provide a full suite of scanning and georeferenced products.


Georeferencing is established by using co-ordinates or other control points to project an image into a mappable format. The digitised, projected image can then be used in conjunction with other datasets in various software formats. The combined datsets provide a powerful tool for information management.


 We can provide georeferencing using any established projection method, such as or use any unique in house projection method if required.


 We also supply scanners, capable of scanning page sizes A0 to A4 on request.

Scanning of Various Map Formats

  • 1. Digital scanned raster images of original maps or plans.
  • 2. Full colour and B/W scanning available in A0 to A4 size.
  • 3. Numerous raster formats available.


Georeferencing Of Maps

1. Assigning spatial attributes and geographical projections to a raster or vector file.
2. Enables various sources of information to be project and spatially integrated.
3. Outputs usable with all GIS software.